Secrets from Online Educators

Build Engagement Now and Develop Skills for Next Fall

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In 2020, brick-and-mortar classroom teachers have been abruptly thrown into the world of online education, and many education officials are preparing for what the new classroom environment will look like come fall, whether it’s fully online or a combination of in-person instruction and online instruction.

As a service to the Vision community, we invited educators who teach online full-time to share their “secrets” for building student relationships and a sense of community in an online environment. Educators will leave the webinar better prepared to help students feel supported as the school year wraps up, and ready to thrive in the school environment (no matter what that looks like) come fall.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase engagement and buy-in within your classroom community

  • Meet the social-emotional needs of students in an online environment

  • Set and communicate expectations

  • Stay organized and manage your own time


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Meet the Presenters

Jason Webber

Jason Webber

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher, Oregon Connections Academy 

Jason Webber is a kindergarten/first grade teacher at Oregon Connections Academy. He has been teaching in virtual education for 8 years, and taught in a brick-and mortar-school in k-5 and in a preschool before working in virtual education.


Isabel Morales, Ed.D.

Fulbright Distinguished Teacher

Isabel Morales, Ed.D. is a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, Los Angeles Teacher of the Year, and secondary social studies educator. She is currently teaching and researching democratic schooling practices and youth civic engagement in the Netherlands.

Kristin Alarcon-1

Kristin Alarcon

12th Grade Academic Advisor, Oregon Connections Academy 

Kristin taught CTE Business at a brick-and-mortar high school in the Seattle area for three years before moving to Portland and starting at Oregon Connections Academy in 2016. She currently serves as a 12th grade academic advisor, and teaches both business and theater courses at the high school level.