Healthcare Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Remote Access

Join us for a live event, where we discuss how to secure telehealth devices and health care networks.

About The Event


Telehealth and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) continues to grow in importance, with 3.7 million medical devices in use worldwide. Cybersecurity risks have become more urgent than ever, as healthcare data breaches increased 2,733% between 2009 and 2019. Since November, the number of cyberattacks on health care organizations spiked 45%.

Join us for a live webinar, where we'll detail cybersecurity best practices in healthcare for remotely accessing servers, specialized devices, telehealth data and more:

- Benefits and risks of IoMT
- IT support in healthcare
- Security, encryption, and role-based access rules
- Protecting legacy systems from data breaches
- Preventing HIPAA violations and lawsuits

This presentation is for CISO, CIO, CSO, help desk professionals, IT directors and IT managers at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare businesses.

The Speaker

sam head shot
Sam Heiney
Product Solutions Director, Netop Remote Control