Don't Pay for Features You Don't Use

Easily Monitor Student Device Activity in the Classroom

It is time to use a classroom management system that suits you. Why waste your money on features that you don't need and that are cluttering your dashboard? Instead, only pay for the ones that make your life easier. 

Make the switch to Netop Vision and take advantage of: 

Green-Checkmark-Light-Gray-Circle_110x110px-20160622  Monitoring Your Students' Screens in Real Time
Green-Checkmark-Light-Gray-Circle_110x110px-20160622  Filtering Your Students' Access to the Web
Green-Checkmark-Light-Gray-Circle_110x110px-20160622  Locking Your Students Screens

 Pushing Links to Your Students' Devices

  Sending Students Messages Green-Checkmark-Light-Gray-Circle_110x110px-20160622

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Campbell High School, Georgia

Vision is a life saver for me! I love viewing all of the student screens and using the blank screens feature. Vision is great because I can share my screen with the entire class to walk through project details, eliminating the need for a projector, which many students cannot see.



Forest Park Elementary School, Oregon

Vision makes my life easier and saves me time because it gets the students directly to where I want them to be and ensures they are paying attention.


Brookfield Community School, England

It is an incredibly powerful tool. Vision simply embodies the efficient way in which we work: keeping our students on task, saving time and keeping them safe.