Does a VPN provide the security you need?

NRC-VPN-Checklist-Icon-Orange-260x350px-v1Whether it’s used to let employees work remotely or to set up site-to-site connections between offices, most companies use a virtual private network (VPN). 

However, VPNs have become prime targets for hackers. Even if your company has excellent security, a single flaw can allow an attacker to bypass the defenses and wreak havoc. 

Download our checklist, VPN vs Remote Access Software: A Checklist for Keeping Your Network Secure, where we'll help you determine whether a VPN is the best solution for remote connections, or if you need a more secure approach.  

We will discuss some common concerns around VPN vulnerabilities, like:

  • It’s complicated to administer, protect, and set policies for your VPN architecture.
  • You need to access devices that are isolated or kept off the network.
  • Your IT team needs to support remote workers on shared or open networks.
  • Sometimes you want to limit vendor access to a specific application or device.

And provide a secure alternative to help mitigate those concerns with remote access software.