Build with Secure Remote Access from the Start.

For years, cyberattacks have exploited remote access vulnerabilities to inflict deeper damages in organizations. But recently, the increasing shift o distributed offices escalated those risks. A more remote workforce, along with complex third-party supplier ecosystems, made remote access a rampant threat vector. 

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Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), already a common target for man-in-the-middle attacks, contributed to a 768% rise in attacks in 2020. The cyberattack targeting SolarWinds (December 2020) is another example of this trend. In SolarWinds, similar to NotPetya, the attackers gained access to a trusted update channel by compromising a software provider.

These evolving threats justify the jittery outlook among CISOs, security experts, and IT professionals with remote access usage.

Despite security risks, for most enterprises, locking down remote access is not viable as it continues to be an essential tool.

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Secure Remote Desktop Management

Security is vital when it comes to remote access and creating secure connections to devices. Each remote session is fully encrypted and integrated with the Impero Portal’s centralized roles and permissions.

The Portal provides you a comprehensive dashboard, with log files for users, devices and sessions stored in a single location. Impero also protects your business by offering granular controls, so you can grant device remote access based on IP address, location, time of day, or even at the whitelisted application level.

Since Impero offers the most secure remote access solution in market, IT admins can be confident that devices are accessible only by authorized users and groups. For an additional security layer, the Impero Portal has native multi-factor authentication – or it can be integrated with your existing MFA solution.